Service Pricing

Take advantage of our large global network with one of our service packages. We employ eBPF technology to implement stateful filtering, ensuring 99.95%+ uptime across our entire network. Anycast, firewall rules, API and much more is standard with us, and should you need anything else, we're all ears.
DDoS Protection



6 Tbit/s capacity and all our filters.
Pricing is per 1 Gbit/s per month.

No additional charges

No nullrouting - ever

Access to all filters

Full access to our API

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IP Transit



IP Transit with exclusive T1 carriers.
Pricing is per 100GB per month.

Premium T1 carriers only

Intuitive traffic overview

Scale your traffic with ease

99.95% uptime guranteed

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Content Delivery



Start your content network with us
Pricing is per 100GB per month.

Global network of nodes

Unmetered Bandwidth

13 locations and growing

24/7/365 tech support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us at any time. We are always eager to help and provide any extra information you might require.

We offer a full IPv4 Firewall along with DNS, VPN and Protocol Filtering. We also offer specialized filters for games with features like authentication state tracking and whitelisting. This list is constantly expanding.

We include specific measures against DDoS amp attacks and general DDoS threats, utilize advanced heuristics to preemptively block attacks and we utilize memory-safe programming languages and eBPF for enhanced security and performance. You are more than welcome to book a meeting with us for a more in-depth dive.

If a required protocol is not currently supported, Bytefilter commits to developing support for it promptly. We also offer expert assistance for setting up and managing filtering rules and protocols. We're here 24/7/365.

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