Advanced features
and technologies

Besides our expert 24/7 assistance and our extensive list of filters, here are six reasons to choose Bytefilter.

Modern protection

We employ advanced heuristics and specific anti-DDoS measures, alongside memory-safe languages and eBPF, for proactive attack blocking and security.

Full API access

We offer a programmable interface that enables users to interact with our filters, enabling the development of customized modules for firewall management.

Metrics and Analytics

Utilize our API endpoints to construct dashboards and graphs, as well as to collect data regarding the common offenders targeting your subnet(s).

Protocol Customization

If a required protocol is not currently supported, Bytefilter is committed to developing support for it promptly.
Please contact us for more information.

Threat Intelligence

A mechanism for synchronizing threat intelligence across Bytefilter's global network edge in seconds, ensuring proactive defense against attacks.

Intelligent Info Caching

We have implemented caching to enhance the speed and efficiency of game servers, intelligently offloading much of the background work to the network's edge.

Choosing the right hosting partner is one of the most
important decisions that a business has to make.

We're serious about your hosting needs. Your connection with the world relies on your hosting partner, and any inability or instability on their part can negatively impact your business. That's why we prioritize the use of top-tier datacenters and the best carriers, guaranteeing 99.95%+ uptime. We continuously enhance our cybersecurity measures and provide 24/7/365 real-time support and monitoring to ensure your peace of mind.

Premium IP Transit

Take advantage of our premium T1 carriers with one of our transit packages, with real-time support and monitoring to ensure your peace of mind.

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DDoS Mitigation

We stop unwanted packets at the edge of our global 6 Tbit/s network, enhancing your security and uptime. DNS, Game, VPN, and Protocol Filtering are standard.

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Content Delivery

Build your CDN with us. Multiple upstream providers and direct peers, along with our global backbone, ensure unparalleled reliability and low latency.

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